Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance


The Encyclopedia

The Global Encyclopedia is a project currently being carried out by Springer Meteor Publishing House aimed at providing a comprehensive collection of globally accumulated knowledge on the fields of public administration, public policy and governance. Written and edited by internationally leading academics and experts, this comprehensive resource covers all subjects of the related fields. In keeping with the multidisciplinary spirit, the Encyclopedia gathers various theoretical, empirical, analytical, practical and methodological perspectives of knowledge. It offers an overview of the most recent research in public administration, public policy and governance, such as:


1. Theory of organization, behavior, change and development


2. Administrative theory and practice


3. Bureaucracy


4. Public budget and financial management


5. Public finance and public management


6. Public employees and labor relations


7. Crisis and emergency management


8. Institutional theory and public administration


9. Law and regulations


10. Ethics and accountability


This is a tool that can be used by professionals, experts, academics, the general public and students around the world and will serve as a viable global reference for those seeking knowledge in any of these areas.

The Center for Government Studies of the University of Santiago de Chile hosts this editorial effort for Latin America and the Caribbean. The coordination of this undertaking at the regional level has been assumed by Dr. Mauricio Olavarría-Gambi, Director of the Department of Political Studies.