Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

The following strategic objectives serve as a guide for academics within the Department of Political Studies.


The Department of Political Studies is a community of academics who create and publish knowledgewithin various social science fields, thus helping to improve social governance mechanisms at a subnational, national and international level. It fully respects the values of intellectual liberty, pluralism, independent thought, intellectual rigor and honesty, responsibility, transparency and objectivity. 


The Department of Political Studies’ mission is to help both specialized and non-specialized audiences understand different political phenomena; to spread knowledge and improve governance mechanisms through research, undergraduate, graduate programs and a wide array of activities such as collaborative projects with national and/or international academic centers; to provide technical assistance and collaborate with public organizations, mentorships at civil society organizations; to publish and disseminate our research results both at home and abroad.

Strategic Objectives

The Department of Political Studies has set the following goals for the next five years:

1.     To be an academic leader in generating knowledge on policy and politics, both in Chile and in Latin America.

2.     To train leaders with a high level of knowledge on policy and politics to help improve social governance mechanisms while working in a wide array of perspectives, such as in academia, governmental institutions and/or society organizations.

3.     To contribute to informed civic participation through publication of research.