Welcome to the website for the Department of Political Studies of the University of Santiago, Chile (USACH)!

Our department was established on March 15th, 2021. Although we are a relatively new department, we are the product of 14 years of hard work, carried out in conjunction with the creation of the International Studies undergraduate program.

The department focuses on how political systems function and the mechanisms of social governance at a national, subnational and international level, especially on the development of the globalizationprocess,       governance mechanisms and their effects on subnational and national communities. We take on a multidisciplinary approach, with the aim of putting knowledge, various focuses, analytical models and methods from a wide range of social science fields to use.

The Department of Political Studies seeks to contribute to the development and progress of society by generating and spreading innovative knowledge acquired from peer-reviewed scientific research and an active relationship with national and international media. Our department promotes associativity with various organizations and groups which share our focus and values.