Resources for Virtual Classes


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I log in to the virtual campus?

To log in to the virtual campus and courses in Moodle, you must go to and select the option "(Log in)" in the upper right-hand corner.

Your username corresponds to your institutional email address, eliminating “”. For example: if your email is, your virtual campus username would be juan.diaz The virtual campus password is the same as your institutional email.

How do I create or update my institutional mail?

If your institutional email is not active, your academic department must make a request through Segic to create and activate your email. This request can be made at the following website:

How are courses created in Moodle?

Each academic department must send all courses planned for the corresponding semester to the department in charge of managing the virtual platform. If you have not created a virtual campus course, you must inform your director.

In which section of Moodle do I view my current courses?

Upon logging in to the virtual campus, you will be able to view in "Personal Area" all your associated courses, specified with a subject code and semester. It should look something like the image below: