Professor Navarrete presented "Social outburst and political representation in Chile".

Professor, Dr. Bernardo Navarrete presented his most recent book "The Social Outburst and Political Representation in Chile", which is located in the search for answers to the reasons behind the social outburst of October 2018. 
What were the reasons behind the social outburst that, at least, part of the political elite did not "see coming"? This is the core question that the book seeks to answer by shedding light on different views and theories that can be synthesized in a central argument: political parties disconnected from social movements and social organizations, exhausting or at least weakening the political representation that these institutions should fulfill. 
In this way, the book edited by Navarrete and Tricot, proposes to look with a magnifying glass at the role of political parties, social movements and organizations in the Chilean social outburst of 2019. 
"Chile is a true oasis in a convulsed Latin America," said President Piñera on October 9, 2019. Nine days later in Chile there was a social outburst, becoming one of the most difficult episodes of its post-dictatorship political history", this is one of the hypotheses proposed in this book.