Professor Nelson Paulus, moderates the webinar that recalls the 100 years of Max Weber's Economy and Society, in a conversation that included the participation of Dr. Jorge Gibert, Dr. Juan Ignacio Jiménez and Dr. Bernardo Navarrete.

Professor Viviana Cuevas moderated the presentation of the book "Historia y políticas públicas. formulación de políticas públicas en la vieja democracia chilena", which was presented by the authors Dr. Mauricio Olvarría and Dr. Cristina Moyano and commented by Dr. Patricio Silva of the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. 
The book, divided into seven chapters, analyzes the processes of public policy formulation in two important areas of State action, in a period that extends from the mid-19th century to 1973.
Professor Mauricio Olavarría moderated the presentation of the book "Corrupción en breve", which featured its authors, Alexis Garrido and Francisco González, with commentary by Professor Bernardo Navarrete. 
The book argues that those who hold power will always seek to concentrate it and that regaining confidence in institutions and companies is vital for citizens.
Professor Alfonso Dingemans moderated the webinar entitled "The challenges of international and national scenarios for Chilean exports", which was attended by the international director of the Manufacturers' Development Society (SOFOFA), José Manuel Prieto, and the director of the Department of Political Studies, Dr. Mauricio Olavarría.

University of Miami academic Calla Hummel presents the book "Why informal workers organize: Contentious politics, enforcement and the state", with comments by Francisca Gutiérrez, U. Austral academic, and Pablo Pérez, University of Chile academic.

Professor Rodolfo Disi, moderates the Research Workshop entitled "Effect and impacts of social mobilization in Chile". 
The workshop was integrated by Calla Hummel, academic from the University of Miami; Isabel Castillo, professor at the University of Chile; Simon Escoffier and Felipe Sanchez, academics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica; and Rodrigo Medel, from the Universidad Alberto Hurtado.


On March 15, 2022, the Department of Political Studies carried out its first public recount one year after its creation at the Faculty of Humanities. The activity was directed by the Director Dr. Mauricio Olavarría-Gambi and included the participation of academics, hourly professors, administrative staff, students and graduates of the Bachelor of International Studies.

Last Thursday, January 6 at 09:00 hrs. Webinar was held Is pre-1973 democracy of better quality than post-1990? organized by the Department of Political Studies, of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Santiago de Chile. The activity was attended by:
Dra. Cristina Moyano Barahona, Doctor in History, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Santiago de Chile.
Dr. Mauricio Olavarría, Doctor in Public Policies, Director of the Department of Political Studies of the University of Santiago de Chile.
M.A. Macarena de la Calle, Professor at the Institute of Political Science, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Dr. Nelson Paulus, Doctor in Sociology, Department of Political Studies of the University of Santiago de Chile.