Exchange Programs

Internationalization constitutes a priority and transversal process at the University of Santiago, Chile. This is how the 2016-2020 Institutional Strategic Plan was established. It has a wide network of strategic alliances that are reflected in research and collaborative projects, student and academic mobility, as well as cooperation initiatives.

Internationalization is not a means to an end for the University of Santiago, Chile, but is rather a transversal process, which improves the quality of our teaching and research, promoted by an orientation towards excellence, integral development of students, the production of knowledge, as well as social inclusion.

The Department of International and Inter-University Relations (DRII) is part of the Office of the Vice President for Media Relations. Its mission is to strengthen, broaden and deepen international connections at the University of Santiago, Chile and promote initiatives to achieve internationalization in all its mission areas: teaching, research and public relations (PR).

Likewise, the DRII maintains and develops international and national student mobility policies, supports research with international participation on issues of global relevance, articulates and manages international and interuniversity networks and consortia, the signing of bilateral and multilateral agreements and, in addition, international visits to strengthen and promote international cooperation. As a university of excellence, our goal is to transform the country by training our people.

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